What do ya think everyone??

I just got back from todays’ show in Nashua, NH and have another one tomorrow. We did the gauntlet back and forth cause we are only 2 hours from home, but poor Zippy was home all day, hopefully NOT pee-ing on the floor LOL A big round of thank you’s to all my customer, new and repeat!!! You have no idea what that meaans to me…HUGS to you all!

I had a very disturbing moment today though. I had a customer today who had bought 2 kits from me at the Portland, ME show. She bought an Ice Bracelet KIt and a Fringe Earrings Kit. She informed me she just got a newsletter from ‘Beads On The Kennebec’ for their summer class schedule and someone is teaching my Ice Bracelet in Augusta, ME. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait til I got home to check their link, which I have had posted on this blog for a very long time!!!! Bev, one of the awesome ladies who runs Bead Fiesta, could not wait until I got home though and went and used the hotel public computer to see for herself. She was amazed and angry and when I saw the printout of the pic, even though it is a pretty crummy photo, I find that I am kind of stunned. I have been busting my ass to make a go of things for myself and my babe has allowed me to stay home while we suffered financially so I could make a go of this. I finally designed something that was selling like crazy and made me proud. I had finally found a tiny slice of reward and pride. I would like you all to look at the pic and tell me if I am wrong. I am including both her pic and mine.

This is mine, which I posted back here:



Not to mention, I had sold one of these last year and had posted it in Starving Artists Forum and on Deviant Art…LAST YEAR!

Here is hers:


Now you all tell me???


4 thoughts on “What do ya think everyone??

  1. I cannot believe that anyone would be this brazen… although her photo is clearly inferior to yours, if you look at the detail in the back, you can tell that the same pattern and technique has been used. I for one, as a fellow bead artist, intend to write to this individual. This is the kind of unethical infringment that we, as true designers and artists are unfortunately subjected to when it comes to unsrupulous individuals. I call on everyone who reads this blog, to contact this person and insist that she remove this item from her “inventory”, and stop selling it as her work. We, as true artists and designers, know the countless hours that go into many of these designs. She ought to be ashamed!!!

  2. As you say its a crummy photo but it certainly looks the same! Looking at the schedule the Ice bracelet isn’t the only familiar looking one. I hear this so often but I really don’t know what the answer is…all the while talented artists produce original pieces theres always going to be someone out there who’s going to ‘borrow’ the design!! It sucks!!

  3. WOW! Pretty flippin’ bold! I would contact the store and inform them that their instructor is teaching a class that is copyrighted to you and does NOT have your permission to duplicate and teach! The store can be held liable for her actions, so I would ask that they pull that from their class listings immediately!

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