Teaching Gigs Wanted in NH

I know I have my Bead Fiesta Shows and I randomly teach at The Beadin’ Path and have upcoming opportunities with Beads On The Kennebec, but I want/need more. I just went through an astonishing amount of shops in New Hampshire, they have many many!! I am quite certain the list isn’t even complete! I would love to expand my opportunities to New Hampshire. If anyone is interested, please let me know! I have a bunch of classes set up and more coming all the time.

ALSO! I will certainly teach at someone’s home, assuming they have enough students lined up.

I will teach in my home as well, if interested!

I look out my living room window while I bead on my couch and see the shop FOR RENT sign staring me in the face and I would absolutely die to have my own shop, so the more gigs I get, the closer I will become. It is driving me crazy to see that incredible empty space staring at me, beckoning to me!! I have complete visuals being in that shop!


4 thoughts on “Teaching Gigs Wanted in NH

  1. OK, keeping an open mind to this suggestion, did you ever consider a shop in your home, even a small one? Just another direction of thought.

  2. Yes, I have much! I have a porch we want/wanted to renovate. A large part is about my girls and if they come home, I need a second bedroom and add to that I have heard I am not zoned. So….. đŸ˜‰

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