Plugging Along

Good morning everyone! Another week is beginning after an eventful weekend! I am always so super thankful for the internet on our building projects! We built a 16×6′ deck on the back of our house this weekend, but I always search the net for ‘how-to’s’ and I am always successful. I like to make sure we aren’t doing too much redneck work LOL We did the same thing with our vaulted roof on our addition 2 summers ago. Wanted to get it right. I will share photos once it is completely done.

I am working on my celeb piece still and just have the rope left. I will actually be done it today. YIPPEE!! I am really loving this piece. Dave has named it ‘Cochise’,  after a famous Chiricahua Apache. The piece strikes him as very Native American, although I did not intend it to be necessarily, it just ended up that way. So hopefully, I will have this off in the mail tomorrow! I am so excited, I just hope she loves it!! I will tell you who it is going to after I mail it. A few people know, but many of you don’t.

I have a home jewelry party this Saturday in Biddeford, on Pool Rd, if anyone is near and would like to come. I am hoping it will be outside, providing I can find a canopy cover and a table. Than on Sunday, we are off to Danbury CT with Bead Fiesta! I would love to do more local home parties if anyone is interested, by all means, say something!

So today I have to finish my piece, then I need to get to work on making faces and designs/patterns this week(heavily) and more kits. Busy week coming!


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