Horsehair Bracelet


5 thoughts on “Horsehair Bracelet

  1. Thanks Charlene! No, I do not treat it. I have used once a dry hair conditioner. It may have been after I washed some unwashed horsehair. it’s been awhile, so not sure if my memory serves me correctly. It was very dirty and stinky. The horsehair is so coarse. I do not believe anything could harm it under ‘normal’ circumstances.

  2. Are you familiar with the Victorian human hair bracelets and broaches? Your bracelet is lovely. My compliments to the horse too! I suppose my dalmatians and greyhounds hair are too short to make a bracelet. Dang.

  3. HI Lauren! yes I am familiar with the human hair work, my Mom is an antique buff, so I grew up learning a few things LOL I am aware that it used to be done in mourning a death. Actually a lot of horsehair work is usually made custom with the hair of a family horse as a mourning piece in remembrance as well.

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