A Month Before Next Show!

and do I ever have tons to do! We didn’t make it to Danbury CT show! We tried though…that’s for sure! Next show is in Marlborough MA! It’s a 3 day too!!! YIPPEE!! I have my classes lined up like this ( I think, waiting for Bev to approve):

Friday- Sunburst Rivoli Necklace 12-4 $70.00

(Description: Learn to bezel a rivoli pendant with bugle bead and bicone ‘bursts’. Also learn to weave an odd count peyote rope with a sterling S-Hook Clasp.)

Saturday- Freeform Bead Embroidered Cuff 10-5 $150.00

(Description: Learn to bead embroider a cuff bracelet featuring lampwork cabochons made by our very own Bev McCarthy of Mac Arts!! The cuff will be (I can’t remember if it is 1/2″ or 3/4″ width, you can fill this in with the width of the cabs you did), stitched on and backed with Ultrasuede. You will learn the basics of a cabochon bezel and the how to ’embroider’ with beads. This will be a freeform-style design, meaning ‘no pattern’. The kit will include all supplies (including thread and needle). The cuff can be completed in this time frame, if not, it will only be the ‘finish up’ left to do on your own, which would be to finish joining the back to the front. I will be available Sunday morning for any follow-ups necessary(free of charge) from 10AM-12PM.
All you need to bring is scissors, any magnification you may use and/or any lighting you need and a lunch/snacks/beverage for yourself. Complimentary coffee and water usually provided by Bead Fiesta.
You may break from class as needed.)

Sunday- The ‘Original‘ Ice Bracelet 1-3 $55.00

(Description: Learn to weave this BEAUTIFUL bracelet with peyote base, cube beads
and embellished with Swarovski Crystals.
Sterling Silver S-hook closure)

I still have to rework my table design. I have grand huge plans for that and will probably start doing that today. I have to clear off my dining room table to set up stuff and get the ‘prototype’ set up over the next month.

I have started a freeform piece with grand plans in blues and greens. I was thinking of calling it ‘Ocean Potion’ or ‘Sea of Glass’ and knowing me, may change it several times before I am done. This one is going to be out of the box from my last freeform. At least I hope so LOL

Still working on patterns and designs as well. I have alot of ‘just patterns’ printed up and need to figure out how to make those available for sale and be able to send the file for it after a purchase. I wish I knew php work, but that requires schooling. 😦 Maybe one day. I would also like to own my own credit card processing unit so I can take my own payments. That would be sheer heaven! So much to do and so little money LOL That saying ‘You have to spend it to make’..they weren’t kidding!

Hope everyone has a great day! Going to work on the freeform piece then later today clean my dining table and I have a few things to pack and ship.


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