A Couple WIP’s

I can’t wait to finish the freeform piece now, because I started my first polymer clay doll and I am super excited! I have been wanting to try one for about a year now, as I have looked on enviously at everyone else’s. The market seems over saturated with them, but this is for fun. My beading is my main deal. I do have a ton of interests and hope I can just incorporate everything as I go. Like I have said endlessly, not enough time in a day and creative genetics are my curse and blessing. In any case, here is my freeform with 2 different name options than originally typed in here, now they are: “Bohemian Rhapsody In Blue’ OR Singing the Blues’ anyone wanna put their 2 cents in on that? I hate making decisions sometimes LOL

and here is my clay face…so far!! I have some cool ideas for this little sprite!


2 thoughts on “A Couple WIP’s

  1. Your necklace is looking beautiful. Love the blues. Laurie and I used to take clay classes when she was in high school. Our teacher was amazing. She knew exactly the correct proportionate size each finger, limb, toe etc should be to the body. Laurie blew me away on those projects. As I am a slo beader, I am also a slow clayer!

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