Good Things Coming Down The Pike!

I am so beyond excited I don’t know where to begin! Today, we went to Michael’s to grab a few things to continue working on my first polymer doll. YAY! I got home and I had a return email about the Renaissance Faire I inquired about being a ‘merchant’ at. YAY! She said “you have some lovely work and just the type of style that I think would add to the faire”…now how cool is that??? My brain immediately went to Medieval times and I started completely wrapping my brain in decorating a 10×10 setting and adding more displays and colors and fabrics. Then I went to do some research about what other booths look like and gather ideas. OMG!! This is like way too much fun! What is really really cool is that all my displays will be perfect for this! They are very earthy and natural and will fit in perfectly without having to change a thing. Of course, I won’t be using my grid racks, they definitely do not belong, but hey..I will have 12 FEET of space to put my stuff on, so I don’t have to go entirely UP on my table hehehe I will however have to make many more table top displays. They will not go unused in the end though and perhaps I can start gathering merchant tables at other Ren Faires!! My Mom even jumped on the bandwagon with ideas! My Stepdad just surprised her flying into Portland yesterday with NO warning he was flying home from Moscow Russia just for my Mom’s birthday next Saturday, so she drove fast and I bet broke record speed getting to him in the 2 hour drive from their home. Anyway, she started talking about things I should do, but I told her to go be with her husband and we had plenty of time to talk after he leaves again next weekend. I am not the only one with a head way too busy with ideas!! See where I get it from??!! hehe

Also, I have 3 more classes lined up with The Beadin’ Path until November..wooohooo and have to get in touch with Beads On The Kennebec to see about lining more up with them this Fall. My itinerary is going to look very nice, very soon.

I still have to finish my freeform, my doll and my son has asked me to write a 3-4 paragraph long bio for his band and their website, add to that, working on my new table set up (I got my dining table cleaned off today…no before or after pic on that one hehe) , making more kits and designs. Calgon… also thought about a few changes on my website…sigh… also I have to get my Etsy going…I started that over a month ago and haven’t added but one thing…sheeesh ok off to listen to Dave’s Dremel while he makes me a kick butt sign for the Ren Faire..I still have to send in my app and fee, I still have yet to be officially accepted, but it’s a great start…;)


One thought on “Good Things Coming Down The Pike!

  1. I am so excited for you! This looks like it might be your best year yet. At least you are getting booked! I have a couple of friends who are really into these Ren Faires.

    Congrats Chris– you deserve it.

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