Accepting Credit Cards

I have been agonizing over this because of the cost of a credit card processing unit. I accept credit cards at my Bead Fiesta shows because as a ‘courtesy’, they provide those of us without a machine to use their slips and then they process them for me and take out the transaction fees. I appreciate being able to do that VERY MUCH!! I would have very few sales otherwise. BUT, I want to be able to do this on my own without burdening my Bead Fiesta friends!

I just ran across a cool link went to check it out. I have found everything to be cool in this, except that I have not found how to accept the cards. Do I have printout pages to write the info on? Is a customer going to accept this? I could spend another 100 and get their small device which them plugs in to my comp for processing online, but to at least get started, I don’t have the 100 to spare.

Has anyone used this program? Do you like it? Do you have details you can share with me about where to write the credit card number in lieu of NOT having their little card runner?

I find the program looks easy to use and the fees are very low and reasonable versus an official processor unit. Would any of you have any qualms about giving up your credit card info to someone using this program? Please let me know what you all think, I am seriously leaning on this as a solution to my problem!


5 thoughts on “Accepting Credit Cards

  1. I used ProPay for a few years and it was great. Mainly because I didn’t have a lot of transactions:) Keep in mind, ProPay is a third party. You’ll be using their merchant account – invisibly of course. You’ll need your own knucklebuster and slips (I got my knucklebuster on E-bay and the slips from some company I found on the internet). When you get home from a show, or to your room, or wherever you’ll have internet access, you log on to your account at ProPay, enter the customer information (name, card #, zip code, 3 number code from back of card). Two days later you can have the funds transferred to your bank account. I had great success using ProPay, and if I decide to do shows again I will use them. Overall the fees they charged were about what I would pay for my own merchant account – but without restrictions, like minimums and such. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks so much! That is so great to know!! The BBB has accredited them for the last 8 years. That is also good to know. So looking on Ebay, I found one for like 9.99, I don’t need my biz name imprinted on it huh?

  3. ProPay is a great option, and I don’t say that just because I work here. If you want some more information about how it works, give me a call or email me at; 866-573-0951 x 4059. I’d be happy to answer questions for you and hear about your business. We have worked with several crafters and craft groups to help them easily accept credit cards. Let us know how we can help you. Imprinters can also be found at through a company we have partnered with. Thanks and hope this helps.

  4. no biz name needed on imprinter. The billing will occur under your e-mail address – something I warned my customers about and didn’t have any problems with. I would write both my business name and e-mail addy on the slip so my customer had the information handy. The imprinter price is excellent on E-bay is excellent 🙂 You want to use an imprinter because should a dispute occur, legally you have a legitimate copy of the card number, not handwritten and subject to interpretation. I never had a dispute or problem with customers or ProPay.

  5. Hi,
    I have used Propay five timesso far . Most places I sold jewelry did not have internet connection so I had to use the phone transaction. Worked great three times and I had the money in my account within two days fine. But once it did say -your transaction went successfully but it did not record when I came home and tried to see in my computer.I lost $36. I should have recrded the whole card no.

    Last time after the whole transaction it said- try again we are having problem connecting.

    I think I should have recorded and documented every thing so that I can try later. But when there is a line and it says try later on- you feel nervous. Luckily my customer wanted to write a check and I did not lose the sale.

    I like Pro pay so far, may be I need to be more pro active and it will work fine.

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