I am at it again!

Yeah, sorry, I get bored with how things look. I am always trying to improve, well I at least hope the things I do are an improvement. Today, I am going to work diligently on getting displays done. It decided it would be sunny out today, so I am going to take full advantage of drying times and work outside. I am planning on having displays for sale at the next Bead Fiesta show (and maybe even sneak some onto my website). I already have bases made for 5 of them, so that is like way cool!

I also have a few models to whip up for The Beadin’ Path and Beads On The Kennebec. I am also meeting with Linda on Saturday morning (assuming Dave doesn’t finally get a day of overtime!) to set up more classes for this Fall. Psyched!!

Today in between drying times, I need to work up a model for the Bead Embroidery workshop I am having at Bead Fiesta in Marlborough! Be sure to sign up at their website! Many many of you have asked me for a class, so I am hoping to see a full one!! I am using cabs made by Bev of Macarts and between her and I, we have spent lots of time and money organizing this for all the requests I have had…so sign up people!! If I get all 20 people for this class I will also through in a free pattern!

Hope everyone has an awesome hump day!!!


2 thoughts on “I am at it again!

  1. Hey – I love the new look… I hope you didn’t bet Roby again… lol Great news on the Renn Faire too… your style would be perfect for one… Take lots of pictures…

    Love, Deb

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