Fooling Around

Looking at a website I adore the format of, lead me to another site and another site. yada yada yada I saw someone had a tute on making a stamp. So I ran with that and was going to go do something super cute and then realized it might be killer for my pics!! In that thought came another thought. Something I have been wanting to do anyway, so merge thoughts and this is what I came up with. I know this is an old image, but it was handy to work with. What do you all think of for a format for my website?? Honestly, I will probably do this anyway. I have been racking my brain on making my site simpler to maintain. I am going to basically keep it the same with a few minor changes. I am NOT going to take 2 different shots of my jewelry. I am going to take one flat shot, all encompassing. I was taking 2 per request of my customers. Everyone has asked me to do a pic of the pieces on a display, which then meant I had to take a flat shot to get a pic of the clasp. Sorry…too hard and I don’t have time to be playing with the camera all day. Professional shots I have seen have been all flat pics, unless on a model. Yes, I have a gorgeous model..can I get her 20 year old butt to my house WITH her photographer friend (also 20’s)?…NO! In any case, here is my new photolayout! Talk to me…

PS! I had 38 cents on there then thought..omg! a customer will think it is 38 cents to buy and then I am in trouble…so I took it off.


4 thoughts on “Fooling Around

  1. Chris, haven’t stopped by here in a couple days and WOW, what an eye opener!! I REALLY love this format–so clean and easy to read. The stamps are a unique display. Lets keep this for a while!

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