Celeste-Bead Embroidered Cuff

I finally finished the cuff bracelet! This is the model for the Bead Embroidery workshop I am having at the next Bead Fiesta in Marlborough MA Sept 5, 6, 7. Bev of Macarts made the cab and all the ones I will be using in the workshop. To register for this class, click HERE

More GOOD news!!! Dave was going through our quaint little “Old Port” in Portland, Me this morning and called me to tell me there was a woman selling her wirework jewelry on a street corner. He insisted that I call the City Hall and find out what I needed to do to do this myself. So I did! I about fainted when she told me I don’t need a permit and I have to use a very small table and stay 4′ back from anything for wheelchair access. I also have to be the ONE who makes the work I am selling..duh..no problem and I can prove that because I will be working as I sit there! I have to have my ID in case of police question. NO PROBLEMO!! So, I am going to see about going in town tomorrow. Saturday just has to be good! My Mom asked why I had not done this before, and honestly, I am so sick of running into paper trail road blocks..why would I set myself up even more for that one?! Also, as a result, my Mom said she would pay for me to get propay going, so I can accept credit cards!! WOOOHOOO!!! So, if anyone is looking for me, I will be standing/sitting on the street corner in Portland hahahaha


5 thoughts on “Celeste-Bead Embroidered Cuff

  1. I will look for you Saturday! I want to show you some antique buttons about 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ in diameter and see what you think about the possibility of a cuff commission or necklace with one . I’ve made some simple pretty stringing necklaces from a couple antique enamel buttons. I will be at the Portland Museum of Art at 10 AM with friends then to the Old Port for lunch or whatever. I am thinking you may end up on Exchange or Middle St at Exchange, or Fore and Exchange. Hope to see you!

  2. Hi Lauren!! That will be great to see you! Yes, you guessed right about the Old Port, I will be in the area of the park. That would be a blast to do a commissioned piece for you!! That would be so cool! Hope to see you too!!

  3. They usually have a few there that sell seed beads. Basically Beads only sells seeds, but her inventory is along the ‘basics’ line at the moment. Blue Santa Beads, aka Vintaj, sometimes is there and she may or may not have seeds with her. It’s a crap shoot mostly. It is a great show though and I think worth checking out! Not far from you really either! You can always check out the vendors websites to see what they have. If you go to the ‘show schedule’ just click on Exhibitors for that show. If you ever go, hope you will stop by my booth and say hi! Hopefully I won’t be teaching if you do, but tell Dave you stopped by if I am teaching.

  4. goodquillhunting,

    I can’t remember if I have sent a message here or not, but I like to keep track of where people are talking about ProPay and noticed that you are planning to use our services. I just wanted to say thank you and if you need more information or would like to let other crafters know about ProPay, please recommend us. We have a lot of people who do crafts and art through us and have had a really positive response with them. Let me know if we can be of assistance. 866-573-0951.

    Tanner at ProPay

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