Proud Moment

I haven’t posted this photo anywhere, but on my Deviant Art account. I was waiting to hear back if it was ok to use it, but then again I had asked if I could have a photo to use to start with, so I am going to assume it is ok to use. My friend, James, took it on his I Phone. I just love it and am so happy she loves it too!! This is Cochise, I made especially for Carly Simon and my high school friend, James,  who is in her band, gave it to her for me. I am so proud of this! I printed it and framed it and had it on my table at my last show, although now it is a permanent fixture on my table LOL Thank you James so much for this!!! It suits her well!


5 thoughts on “Proud Moment

  1. Chris,
    “You’re so vain…”
    Congrats on embelishing one of the beautiful people. Send one to Oprah and maybe you will become famous. Then you won’t hang out with us little people.

    Oh- I wore the spiral necklace into work today and got some compliments. It is a masterpiece.

  2. Thank you Lauren! We are all little people! 😉 Glad everyone at work liked the piece! Spread the word! I will do aa at home jewelry party too hehe

    Kim–yes way 😉

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