Crazy Week & More Crazy Coming!

I have been working on alot of horsehair items this week and have been braiding like a crazy person LOL now to bead it all up! I can’t wait to order some more horsehair colors! I have men’s bracelets, women’s bracelets and bangles and 2 different key chains. I recieved my order of rivolis, so I also have many of my ‘Sunbursts’ & ‘Super Novas’ and I have snuck in ‘Sunspots’, which you will all get to see soon. Too many ideas running through my brain right now!

I also have a few pieces to finish up that I am quite anxious to do! Kits will be hopefully coming out my ears as well. This coming November is a super full month! I have 2 Bead Fiesta shows, one in Springfield MA and another 2 days show in West Chester, PA. I have the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire in Kingston NH October 25/26. I have another local show in Dayton ME at Gardens of Atlantis and I think 2 classes, maybe 3, have to look LOL So basically, I need to get as much done as possible during this next month!!!

Tonight, Dave and I went to New Hampshire to Portsmouth and Newington. We found a Chipotle restaurant, so we hightailed it down there. I then remebered there were 2 bead shops in Portsmouth. I found one of them, Bead Shine on Ladd St. I met the owner, Robin (I hope I spelled that correctly). She has a cute little shop right off from the main drag in quaint little Portsmouth. It was raining, so next time we go down (which will be soon now that we found Chipotle close by LOL), I will take photos. Wish I lived there, that is the cutest town with buttloads of cute little unique shops and every other kind of ‘regular’ store close by.  It was a wonderful late afternoon, just wish it wasn’t downpouring so we could have poked around town a while.

In any case, check back real soon because I am going to have photos pretty soon, maybe by Wednesday. It should be a pretty productive weekend, even with Dave around LOL


One thought on “Crazy Week & More Crazy Coming!

  1. mmmmmm….I love Chipotle! I haven’t been to one in years. One major drawback to living in Canada is the lack of tex/mex.

    I love those kinds of towns as well. I love to explore 😉

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