NH Renaissance Faire

I am so excited for this Faire, I cannot even tell you! We found and purchased a tan canopy last weekend, yay Walmart. It was $97.00 and it is heavy! It is one of those with all the ‘arms’ up underneath, so it is a quick assembly. This coming weekend, I am going to buy a bolt of muslin. I have about 6 colors of liquid Rit Dye  and I have determined how I am going to make ‘side walls’. I am going to measure from the tip to the ground and cut that length of muslin, then dye it one of the colors.  I will do that with each panel for all four sides. I am going to ‘bunch’ the top of the canopy with the panels of fabric and would like to ‘rig up’ a pennant banner to stand in the center. I will bring the front sides to the side with leather cord to tie open a ‘curtained’ entry.  Dave has been busy carving my Good Quill Hunting sign with a porcupine. Not sure how we will hang that quite yet. I have to go to Home Depot to get a few of those wrought iron plant hangers to hang some more pennants by the front entry. My other ‘side wall’ idea is to get some thin cable wire and rig it up under the canopy. Then get those curtain rings with the clips and hang my dyed panels that way. So I have 2 options, depending really on how much muslin I can purchase. I can so SEE this! Can you?

My Dad had given us 2 wooden wine racks that I have been looking at in the corner to go to our local ‘free’ dump. I was looking again at them the other night and I had been starting to bug Dave (poor Dave!) to make me a display for my horsehair key chains and horsehair bracelets. I had a lightbulb moment when I looked at those 2 racks and though HEY! Stand them on end and have him drill 3 holes ( a 5 bottle rack) in the parts that would stick up if you used it the way it was intended. Then run a dowel between the holes, so I will have 3 rows to use for displaying stuff. They look so fantastic and he didn’t barely have to do a thing! I will take photos later this week when I have them filled up.

I have many ideas for this Faire though and am thrilled at the opportunity to go! I haven’t heard back from her, but I do know the check has cleared LOL (Waiting for her to link me on their site) I am also going to have to ‘whip up’ a costume. I can’t wait to show you all my 38 years of sewing expertise hehehe Dave said he is going to wear his old ‘Gandolf’ costume, but I would like to make him a cool white shirt. Wishing he had some ‘3 Musketeer’ boots! This is going to be a blast! I want to have the best vendor tent there!

Off to work! Tons to do! I have 4 shows and 3 classes to teach between October 25 and Nov 29th! YIKES!!!


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