This is my very first Viking sewing machine and I am about dying to use it!! I have been without one for many years!!! Well, not a working one anyway. I would like to thank my Mom for transferring some funds to make this happen! I’ll pay you back Mom asap. I would like to thank my babydoll, Dave, for taking a trip back into Portland the second he got home even though he is sickly and miserable! (We stopped on the way home for some Vicks Topical Rub!! He’s gonna get the old treatment my Mom used to give me tonight. He can’t even talk, barely!)  😦

That’s the pic of the box before I even took it out hehe I pray to the sewing Gods that this is the Mercedes of sewing machines!! Off to cut my Renaissance pattern out!


2 thoughts on “THE BOMB!!!

  1. So sew something already hehe It was out of sheer desperation, but I am super thrilled to have this! Bianca can get dresses for Christmas now! She loves me to sew her dresses! She is so cute!

    I will be plugging this in today. I had to wait for daylight to find my pins and stuff LOL

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