Ren Faires Are A Blast!

(EDIT 10/31)

I have made an entire page of the Faire photos on my website

Not only did we have a fantastic time, but we have been invited to another one next year!! I was very pleased and flattered about that!! I even had some bead friends come see us and the Faire! Hi Linda, Jack, Bev, Shirley, Brianna and Georgia!!!! I even did ok, always could do better, but for a first Ren Faire I did just fine, actually I did  better than my first Bead Fiesta. So now that I have one under my belt, I am addicted! The spirit in the air of these Faires and Festivals is so incredible. Everyone was so nice, vendors and patrons alike. How can you beat that?! I was pretty happy with my first year set-up, and I was even told that you couldn’t tell it was my first Ren Faire from the appearance of our set-up and stuff. I do have to say, that is because I busted my butt to make it look appropriate and ‘fit in’ for weeks beforehand. Dave and I have come up with some fabulous ideas, to tweak and make it look REALLY great next year!! So now I can’t wait!! Here are a few photos of the Faire. I think I may set up a page of pics on my website after this month of shows has gone by.

Dave trying his hand with archery.

My set-up is on the left.

For a list of shows around the country, here is one website I have found:


4 thoughts on “Ren Faires Are A Blast!

  1. Glad you and Dave had a good time at the faire, we loved having you both! Is it OK if I nab some photos? I didn’t get a chance to take even 1! LOL We look forward to chatting with you soon, take care!

    Shannon, NHRF Founder

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