2 Week Breather

2 down, 2 to go and 2 weeks down. ahhhhh Now I can focus a bit on designing and printing patterns and hopefully making many more kits! Springfield Mass was great yesterday! Thank you all who stopped by my table! and especially to those who purchased something! 😉 I, of course at the last minute, thought to do a Raffle with my “Super Nova” and decided to carry the Raffle into my next show. So for the few of you who entered the Raffle, I am going to pick the winner in 2 weeks, I hope you don’t mind!

It was very busy yesterday and people were waiting to come in!! That was very cool! The place is so big too, that was a nice change, because alot of the shows, the vendors are just a bit crowded together, so having a lot of space to move around between and behind the tables was a treat!

I also had something pretty cool happen! I had 3 ladies ask me if I would be interested in being a vendor at a Pow Wow this coming year!! I about died and said YES!! I have never been for starters and I have always wanted to go to one and here again, like the Renaissance Faire, first time I get to go and I will be a vendor. I am super super excited about that! They also do 8 shows a year she told me!! So that may be 8x I get to go!! I need to find out the details. So now I am skeeming up a new line of my work just for those and a new line for Ren Faires. So I am looking at Ren Faires, Pow Wow’s and Bead Fiesta shows next year!! WOOOHOOO! I love a good snowball LOL Now I need to add Biker Rallies and I will be very very hooked up! I would just love to tell Dave to quit his job and help me! get the poor sweetheart off his knees doing flooring!

Off to Paint Shop to work on my patterns! Hope everyone has had a fab weekend and a safe All Hallow’s Eve!


2 thoughts on “2 Week Breather

  1. Hey Girl, Way to go. Living in a town called Osceola named after an Indian chief, you can imagine that there are Pow Wows around here. Way cool! and there is a Rendevouse at the County Park 3 blocks away thats pretty neat also. You would certainly fit right in.

    We also have biker rallies. Living in a biker family, I would just advise that you visit the ones you want to enter first. You could be surprised!

  2. Hmmmm.. why not run the raffle on your web site too and have people send in cost of ticket(s) postmarked by whatever date? You can see where I’m coming here for those of us who don’t get around like you do!

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