New Designs

OK, it is a new day, the sun is out despite the forecast! wooohooo Yesterday I kitted up 22 kits of my Rhombus Earrings! I have redesigned the pattern, so I am truly confident that it is a foolproof pattern! I have developed, with much assistance from my customers, a ‘format’ that will work for my more complicated designs. I am very happy with how they look AND read! I can’t wait to buy some ink! LOL

Today, i worked on revising my Chevron Necklace pattern and kits. I have had kits made up from last year that I will now be able to utilize, instead of sitting on inventory!


So now I am going to my ‘space’ to work on assembling kits. I am so nervous about things this week and being able to do everything I need and want todo. Kim V’s display will be done this evening, now waiting for Dave to bring home spray paint after work. YAY!! Photo later tonight or in AM. Oh, and if any of you see a ‘glitch’ in my website, it is only becuase we have to pay the bill and we are still, impatiently I might add, waiting for Dave’s new debit card to get here, so I can change the info with Yahoo for billing. Hang on..I am not going anywhere LOL


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