Almost There..

Today is my last day for being home.  I have been working really hard on kits and patterns this past week and feel confident of my progress.  I bought brand new ink last night and it is gone already and I need another batch because I am not finished printing at all.  I am so happy with some of my new stuff and some of my old designs revamped. YAY!! My confidence level has been raised LOL

I finally also finished Kim’s display and am pretty pleased with it and so is she!! Pheeewww lol I took a pic of it, but it is too dark, so I will wait for Kim’s photo with all her work on it after her show.  We are meeting her in Marlborough to hand deliver it on our way to Pennsylvania. I can’t believe we are going so far away! Dave is going to put on winter tires tomorrow morning, get new plugs and wires and an oil change. He is dropping me off at Caravan Beads, while he does those things, so I can get stuff I need for my kits. We sadly have found out we have to take our dog with us to our show. It will be difficult, but hopefully we will manage. I am going to have to pack my largest piece of luggage with bead stuff and tie it to our car roof. I hope this gives the dog a little space. Generally, we have a very full car and often stuff under my legs.  I wish we had a slightly larger car.

Dave has gotten our roof down to a dull roar. All he has left is shingling!! He is the most awesome guy ever! He has done this virtually all alone except for my son’s help for a few hours the first day. Despite his fear, he climbed the roof. This is what it looked like yesterday


I can’t wait to have more of this house done! Such slow going when you have to pay out of your pocket for improvements! I am sooo proud of him!

If anyone that reads this lives in PA, I hope to see you at the show, drop by! Have to go narrow down my obnoxious to-do list for tomorrow. You all have a fab weekend. I will get pics, as usual! 😉


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