Happy Day!!

My website is back on!! My website is back on!!! I am so happy! Talk about taking debit cards for granted! If you lose one or it breaks and they have to reissue…holy long waiting time!! LOL I feel ‘normal’ again with the updated debit card info!! I am so excited no one knows!!! I have lots to do now…like update my site!

In my ‘down’ time yesterday, I put together some new amulet/cell phone carriers/small purse designs. I am having way too much fun putting them together, now to make them all LOL I started a piece of netting last night in ‘tortoise’ crystals with brown and gold beads. I think it is going to be pretty cute!

Wanna see the amulet designs?? I’ll go get them..brb.








There ya go, now to finish the other end, like the chart and word chart, formally, for print.  Any requests?? I would love some more ideas, not that I run short, but cool to see what others like!  I have, I think around a dozen that are complete and have been printed.

Not sure for sure what exactly I am doing today. I do have one more show to do this Sunday, Dayton, ME…literally down the street LOL I am pretty excited about that one for several reasons! I barely have any driving to do for that one, I don’t have to worry about my Zippy (dog), Dave does not have to lose any work for me, I have a small customer base in this area…so all those things work!!

and last but not least!! The RAFFLE WINNER is: Daniel Sundel from Enfield CT!!! I will be dropping you an email to confirm your address. Thank you to all that participated!!


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