Insane for Amulets

I love beading amulets and to be honest, I have sold every one I have ever made, except my newest one, which is still ‘new’ LOL Yesterday, I discovered all my new amulet designs are sized for size 10 Delicas!! This also explained why they were coming out so big!! So that kind of bummed me out. Then I was thinking of destroying them, when it dawned on me that some people actually prefer the larger beads. So I am going to keep them for those with that preference. I have actually worked with size 10 Delicas and they are just as beautiful, just a bit larger. I have been working on getting some of the size 11 Delica amulet designs and these are what I have so far. Many of them have quite a list of colors to purchase, but to me…that is all detail and detail is a big deal…at least in my eyes. I think they would present a wonderful challenge and would certainly grow your Delica stock. If I cut back on the color list, the design would not be nearly as nice.  Fusion Beads does sell Delicas in smaller quantities. Here is what I have so far. I will try to get them all on my website today.




Most of these are around 3″, a random few are no larger than 4.3″ long or 4″ wide.


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