Happy Dance!


This is how I feel this morning (fat included)!! LOL I was going to redo my website this Winter, but when inspiration strikes…GRAB IT!! I actually had the inspiration already, but things just fellinto place early yesterday morning! Right after my Porcupine Rag was found LOL I am super excited about my new website design and CANNOT even wait to show it to all of you! I am going to wait until it is completely finished this time. I often publish it before I am quite done, but not this time!! One fell swoop! So any news will be in here before the ‘Newsletter’ for a few. I am hoping to have it done next week sometime…hope!

Edit to give you a sneak peek! here is a screen shot



I have a local show this Sunday at Gardens of Atlantis in Dayton, ME…so any of you local yocals better come see me LOL This is who and what will be at the show. A simple copy/paste from my email updates from her biz.


DAYTON, ME 04005
(207) 929-5088
Sunday, November 23rd ~ 11:00 to 4:00
Homemade Goodies, Honey, Jams & More ~ Irene
(Fresh Sandwiches, chips & a drink just $5)
Energy Work ~ Georgi Nelson
Tarot Readings ~ Pam Loffredo
Medical Intuitive ~ Regina Strongheart
Shamanic Artwork ~ Debra Holloway
Numerology/Soul Gift Readings ~ Darlene Chadbourne

Herbal Product ~ Debbie Mercier
Tarot Bags & MORE! ~ Amy Provost
Melaleuca Products ~ Gayle Barstow
Reflexology, Animal Communication ~ Patty Pepin
Quill, Horsehair, Beaded Jewelry ~ Christina Neit
Gemstone Jewelry ~ Bonnie Messerve
Dipped Candles ~ Julie Bowman
Colorworks, Chakra Readings ~ Robin Anasazi
Women’s Health Chiropractic ~ Stacey Cantrell,DC,FICPA
Fancy Bags & MORE ~ Nancy Clark
Home Cooking ~ Schmel Gulley
Chair Massage ~ Linda Stilphen

Also: Crystals, Books, Essential Oils, & MORE!

Then next Wednesday is my Beadin’ Path class…Ice Bracelet

Then Saturday at Beads On The Kennebec is my Sunburst Rivoli on a leather cord class!

I am thinking about having a home show, but these have been known to fail..miserably LOL Good excuse to have a nice clean house though LOL

Have a terrific day..going to play on my website!


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