Great time to wake up! especially on a Sunday…and a show day! Very annoying! So I shall make the best use of my time, as usual. I have gotten almost a split on the votes for the photos, so now I am going to decide. It was between 3 & 1, with 3 having one more vote. (I did this on MySpace as well. ) They were all the same exact photo, with 2 different ‘time machine’ finishes. #1 & #3 are ‘albumen’, #2 is ‘Daguerreotype’. #2 & #3 had the same ‘frame’.  So, I am going to go with #3, simply because I need the contrast with the ‘frame’. This is how it stands at 4AM, being a Libra I am subject to change my mind at any other given moment LOL

Ok..the website is coming along! I am pretty much just at the point of the photos…ewwwww! The hardest part! Thankfully, I am saved by having my show today LOL Wish me lots of luck with this one!! I am feeling very confident..although I was going to Pennsylvania last week too LOL Different venue today though..way different! Hope to possibly see some of you today!


One thought on “3:43AM

  1. I hope you had a splendiferously successful day today. I just got home from Pennsylvania a short bit ago. I stayed and hung out with Liz for a few days. Sandra gave me a hug, grabbed her beads and caressed them… She said she “missed” them. At least I got a hug, eh?

    I like your site a lot. That’s a great pic of you two – and your furry friends!

    I’ll bet you’re off to get some well-deserved sleep now?

    Happy snoozing

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