Full Thanksgiving belly and exhausted from cleaning the house.  I am very tired tonight but need to kill time because 8:30 to bed is a tad too early!! LOL I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving today! I am just about done ‘renovating’ my website. I have kits and patterns to add. The pages are mostly assembled, I just have to fine tune them.  I decided to go with the Daguerreotype photos after all. I went with the one everyone had voted for, the albumen,  and the first image ‘remake’  I did, the albumen completely washed out the pale color of the beads. So I could not have it that way, so I had to go with the other darker image.  I hope I captured the essence of an earlier time in my website, not just with the old photos, but in every way. I am also hoping that I succeeded in making an easier layout for my customers! I think I may have another idea for some more tweaking, to make it even easier. I also added PayPal buttons to my site. After a quick vote about that, I decided to stay with the ‘generic’ buttons they give me, so I won’t scare any customers away with my ‘custom’ buttons.

So now that my site is basically under control and remodeled, I can start beading again. I have barely beaded in a month an dit is starting to bother me.  I have serious catching up to do. I also have to start thinking of some amazing classes for Bead Fiesta, The Beadin’ Path and Beads On The Kennebec for next year.  Hope my brain can go that quick LOL  Which actually brings me to another vote (now that I think about it!).


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