Now you know I couldn’t help myself! I had new background choices, so yeah, I switched up…again LOL This one suits me well though, I went to college and was going to Minor in Journalism. I was also newspaper editor in college and worked on the paper in high school.  Naturally, I would pick this way cool theme!

So I went and bought Julia Pretl’s book on Beaded Boxes the other day at Borders. I had seen it there and was praying it was going to be there still.  This is the book in case someone isn’t familiar:


Anyway, I made a triangle one with the Celtic band around the sides.  I did it in 2 blues and cream and Dave is at Caravan Beads right this second getting me more cream beads on his way home from work.  hehe Now I will be able to hopefully finish it for you for tomorrow. I am also in the middle of a pair of custom earrings, but they won’t take long at all…matter of fact..almost done 😉

Hope everyone is staying warm, drinking egg nog, baking cookies and decorating their tree. Not sure if we are going to do a tree this year ..again (we didn’t put one up last year). Talk to ya tomorrow, about something or other hahaha


One thought on “SURPRISE!

  1. Well, this is certainly a switch. A little out of character for you! But a nice clean page, easy to read. We are all choosing our day and time that we think it will change again!! LOL
    Seriously, its great.

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