My To-Do list is looking ok, well sort of LOL I was able to start and finish my calendar for next year. I had something stuck in my head and couldn’t get it rid of it, so I threw a little lame humor into my website. Here is my calendar:

Hoping to add tons more to that!!!

Yesterday, I added horsehair bracelets. I took pics of them and posted them on the site here:

I have been fast and furiously working on my Celtic box and should be able to finish today, assuming I have enough beads!  I planned on making a few of those in a row, but think I will space them out cause..WOW..they are time consuming!! Although, STUNNING!!! I can’t wait to show you all!!

I have been spending about 1/2 my day on the comp doing website stuff and the rest of the day beading. My half days are not 4 hours though. I get up usually around 4:30/5am and stay on comp til 1pm, then bead til around 9pm.  So about 8 hours on each!

I really need to get my forum jump started. Everytime I do, something comes up and I forget about  it. I also have a Yahoo group. It is hard to spur people on sometimes. Everyone is so busy with their own lives that you have to have something pretty spectacular going to get people to keep coming back!! I try. If anyone is interested here are the links:


Click to join sewingyourseeds

Also, not sure if any of you knew this, I use Delicious for bookmarks. I have so many cool beading blogs and resources in it, if anyone wants to network with me in there or just poke around my links, feel free

Have a terrifc day! We are expecting 3-6 inches of snow, freezing rain and sleet today into this evening, great for commute home! I worry about my family driving cause Dave and my sons have to drive a ways to all their jobs!


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