Custom Earrings

The lady that bought my Screamin’ Eagle cuff bracelet (aka my Mom’s friend) asked me to make a pair of earrings to match her cuff. I happened to have the same turquoise stones leftover in a pair. So I asked her if she wanted 3 or 5 quills on the bottom, cause she adores my quill earrings, to which she said yes..3. Here they are, I hope she likes them!


Screamin Eagle cuff she bought:



One thought on “Custom Earrings

  1. Hi: love my cuff and the earrings,……wear the cuff quite frequently, and earrings last night out to dinner….had several comments and will be sending your card to a couple people…..should have had them with me!!!!! the earrings looked real nice with blue/brown top with some beading very similar to earrings, at bottom of quills….. i was so amazed…..Love all the pcs i have! and people i’ve given to for gifts are really impressed and so happy.

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