Fringe Freak

Yeah…that’s me!!! I was making this blue piece below the other day, knew what I wanted and didn’t have to mess with any of the thoughts in my head to accomodate myself.  I was able to make all 3 of these in the same way and in little time.  I’ve got this down to ONE step!! You don’t have to make the ‘V’ first, then go back and make the fringe, it is all inclusive.  YAY! I am going to be kitting this up and drawing out the pattern one of these days real soon! I love fringe! This is also going to be one of my classes for Bead Fiesta and wherever else next year.

I was having a problem the other day when I finally peeled myself off from my website to do some beading. All of a sudden I felt like all my beading was crummy. I am so inspired always by so many people, then I looked at my work and was totally bored with what I saw.  I think maybe I worked on my website too long. Dave was a bit irritated with my thoughts, but I can’t help it LOL

Here are a few new pieces…yeah all the same, but I wanted to make sure it worked up, then I wanted to write down the directions so I can make the tute.





4 thoughts on “Fringe Freak

  1. Pretty… is that St. Petersberg? I love the black of course… and the red, ok ok and the blue…. Would love to see in silver… oooh or crystal ab…. YOUR WORK IS NOT BORING !!!! Repeat a million times…

    Love, Deb

  2. LOL Deb!! I was having a moment…yes that is St. Petersburg. I would actually loved to have made more of these, but I didn’t have everything I needed. Yeah, color options are endless! I am happy with the technique though because you can fringe as you go and that makes life so much easier than having to add after! heheh I should have called it the ‘Lazy Fringer’ LOL Now to make the tute and assemble some kits….

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