You Know..

I am so very grateful for all the people who visit my blog and website!! I put a traffic feed on here and it just thrills me to pieces to see people from ALL over the world looking at the things I am doing!! I look at the Feed some days and it is all from outside of the USA and it gives me goose bumps! The Feed has little flags from the countries and call me a geek, but I love looking at it! LOL

I am working on a piece in traditional Russian, with a Native American feel. I am so loving it!! I am hoping to be done today, so as soon as I post this I am heading for the couch!

I just did a search on ‘bead artists’ in Google and ran across this site:

There are some familiar artists on there and many I was unaware of. It seems alot of Lampworkers, but thought you all may like to see it. Fun stuff ..

I REALLY have to get my website finished and my Etsy site going. I just wanna bead though!! I haven’t been able to bead much of the end of this year cause of shows and website and all that stuff,  so now that is ALL I want to do LOL I have soooo many plans and ideas!!! and lots of UFO’s to do!! to the couch to work on my new piece..going to name it:  ‘NAHIMANA’: Sioux name meaning “mystic.”


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