ETSY Maine Team

I am so excited to get networking with some local people. I have got my Etsy shop up and running, although I have 100’s more items to add to it and lots of new photos to take…grrr LOL It’s funny, I think I went backwards, which is nothing different for me really LOL Most people start local and work their way out to network. Dave commented the other day on how it seems like I get more people looking at my blog from around the world than USA viewers. I think he tends to be correct! Now I have to work here and I do mean a tight ‘here’, like right in my backyard!! LOL So I joined, a bit fearful of the commitment, but encouraged by people who like to network like I do. It seems to be an active group, which thrills me!!! I don’t like to join things that are dead in the water! Often you don’t find that out until AFTER the fact!! They also enjoy doing shows!! YAY!! Cause as all of you know…that is something I do very well and often!! LOL (Speaking of shows! I am really bummed! They changed the weekend of the Renaissance Faire I did this past Fall to May 16-17 2009. I am unable to do it because I am going to be doing my 3rd show with Bead Fiesta in Maine that weekend! I am sooooo bummed!!)

I look forward to some new venues and new people to network with! I am very excited!

Anyway, check out the Etsy Maine Team Blog!!

My Etsy

(I should have done this way long ago, I would have been an ‘original’/beginning member on Etsy, if I had done this when I first heard of them…oh well LOL)


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