The Warmth of Amber

I just found this site and I think I may have run across it previously and am still WOW’ed!!! All amber workings from Russia.  I put each link below for the jewelry, so you won’t have any problem trying to figure out where to go, it is written in Russian. I don’t mind poking around with links, but some of you might. 😉

I have new work to be photographed as soon as the sun comes up. Our internet was shut down for a few days, so I had no computer interruptions, so I kept on beading.

My class schedule has started with local shops. I have my first class for this year at Beads On The Kennebec in Augusta in mid January. I have to work up some new stuff asap for The Beadin’  Path. I hope I can get something in time, I may already be too late for the January thru March schedule..yikes…

I know I may drive some of you crazy by constantly changing my ‘theme’ here, but I am trying to find one that I really like to use. Ultimately, I just wish I had time to teach myself CSS, then I would just make my own. I only have so many ‘themes’ to pick from and I am not a fan of any of them really.

I have an idea for my first entry on the Etsy Maine Team blog. The homework may take me a while though and it was something I was going to do for myself anyway, so that is pretty cool! I hope I can get my idea off the ground pdq.

Anyway, hope you all had a fab New Year’s Eve!! I know I did. Too much fun!!!


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