I am having a bit of struggle with this holiday and designing up something. No clue why! I think it may be because I have the split loom piece in progress now and my muses aren’t letting me go anywhere until I finish that piece! Has anyone else ever experienced this? Kind of weird, but it seems when I fulfill my ‘muse obligations’ then they free me up to carry on! LOL I am not even kidding on this!

I had a fabulous idea for an amulet right in the middle of ‘Sabrina’ amulet and I charted it out and everything. I started the piece after the last one was finished and it seems that everything isn’t going right on it. I did make it a tad bit difficult to work up, so I put that on myself. I even have everything I need for it and had to go on a hunt in Portland last weekend and was successful even..go figure LOL  So I am kind of irked that I am having trouble with it! I will persevere though!! Will=Way!! 😉

I do have a show the weekend before Valentine’s too!! FYI!! The Gardens of Atlantis again!! In Dayton..local is good!

I also have a class coming on January 24th at Beads On The Kennebec!!

Then Feb 15th, first Bead Fiesta show in Danbury, CT!! WOOHOOOOO! I always miss my buddies from those shows! Hopefully, I will also be having some classes at Bead Fiesta-The Shoppe soon as well!!

Have a fab day everyone!!


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