Macro Photography

also known as my new macro diet LOL I had asked for some ‘constructive critism’ in Etsy Beadweaver’s Yahoo Group and I have seen this term floating around lately, so I decided after being recommended to try this to do some research on macro photography and to find out EXACTLY what that meant. Then Dave found our digital camera manual/’book’!  I was curious to see if my camera had the ‘macro’ setting. I kind of thought it probably did. I don’t have a Canon Rebel (YET!), but I do have the Canon Powershot, which I do love (for now). Our camera does have this setting!! So I am off to try it out today and see what I can come up with!! Although, I really have beading to do. I did want to share a really cool place I found for those of you struggling with my same photo issues. You may have already run across it. I also signed up for the newsletter, weekly, so I can ‘study’ photography tips.

I seem to already have an abundance of pink, red and hearts stuff to photograph for my Etsy shop, so here goes nothing! I will post an Etsy mini on here later.


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