I will be posting a few photos tomorrow. I have been beading as fast as I can go! I have all my reds and pinks out too! I had to stop and make a few things for my oldest daughter, Sonja, for her Winter Carnival school dance. I am working on a bracelet right now. I had enough Swarovski’s left over to make her an Ice Bracelet to go with her dress and assemble a kit for Etsy in the same colors, I also made her a cute little open heart pendant on a black organdy ribbon and I have earrings to make in the morning to match.  My other daughter, Bianca is too little to go to a dance, she is 8. So being fair to her, I am going to make her some cute little earrings and will make her a necklace as soon as I can.  I have 2 pieces, one done and one almost done for posting on Etsy.  I also have to get cracking on my Tropical Holiday challenge piece for Etsy Beadweavers Team.  I bought a few things for that at The Beadin’ Path last night.  I said I was going to do more ‘dimensional’ work this year, so think colorful and dimensional. Hoping to get that started on Monday. Anyway, everyone have a great night and I will have some red and white and pink pics in here tomorrow!


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