Getting Busy!!

I have 2 classes I am going to be teaching at Bead Fiesta lined up. She wants to schedule the entire year and this year I am not quite ready..go figure!! Here are the 1st 2 classes I am doing:



Linda at Beads On The Kennebec may be also having these classes at her shop. She is looking to do a year long schedule as well.

I am also thinking about doing a Dutch Spiral class this year and have a few ideas.



It also looks like I am going to be having some classes coming up on Feb at Bead Fiesta The Shoppe. I have requested 2 classes for Feb 22, on a Sunday. The Shoppe is located in Sterling, MA!! I can’t wait to go down there!! As we close into Spring, more and more stuff is being scheduled! I am sooo excited!

I have also been invited to split a table in August at the Cape Cod Bead Show, to which  I jumped at the opportunity!! That will be split with the Beads Nest!! Super Pysched!!

This is my schedule so far this year-no classes in here yet either (except for Bead Fiesta cause I am a vendor and a teacher there)

Feb 7-Dayton, ME-Gardens of Atlantis
Feb 15-Danbury, CT-Bead Fiesta
Mar 14/15-Warwick, RI-Bead Fiesta
Mar 28/29-Sturbridge, MA-Bead Fiesta
May 9/10-Charlemont, MA-Pow Wow
May 16/17-South Portland, ME-Bead Fiesta
May 23/24-Charlemont, MA-Pow Wow
June 13/14-Charlemont, MA-Pow Wow
June 27/28-Norton,MA- Winslowshire Renaissance Faire
July 4/5/6-Charlemont, MA-Pow Wow
July 11-Norway, ME-Art Festival
July 18/19-Nashua, NH-Bead Fiesta
August 2-Danbury, CT- Bead Fiesta
August 15/16-Falmouth, MA-Cape Cod Bead Show
August 22/23-Charlemont, MA-Pow Wow
August 28, 29, Marlborough, MA-Bead Fiesta
Sept 5/6/7-Charlemont, MA- Pow Wow
October 10/11/12-Charlemont, MA-Pow Wow
Oct 24/25-South Portland, ME-Bead Fiesta
Nov 7/8 W Springfield, MA-Bead Fiesta


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