For Today..

I have just decided in the last few hours, that I am not going to do the Etsy Beadweaver’s Challenge. I have an idea and it is stunning, but I can’t bring it to life. I made the base and made some cool new flowers, of my own design. I made them in BRIGHT BRIGHT colors!!! I had a visual of a ‘base’ in green and ‘beaded ferns’ and bright tropical flowers on it in several different styles. This is what I had done:


I think I have too much on my mind…like getting the car replaced and finalized and all my shows coming up and a court battle and just too much stuff.  Plus I have to come up with new classes for Bead Fiesta and all the shops I teach at!! That isn’t a ‘quick’ thing either. It is hard to ‘whip up designs’..but I have some fab ideas!! The flowers up in the photo are my own design and I love them..they kind of remind me of a ‘succulent’ flower in the tropics..some of those were ‘firsts’ so wasn’t sure about those, but the pattern came to life as I changed colors around. I also love my ‘fern’!! Way cool and very floppy. I will use all these ideas another time.

Have a happy..UNsnowy day!!


4 thoughts on “For Today..

  1. Well, it looks like a good idea, for sure. Man you have a lot going on, as usual. Good luck with the car, and the court.

    Your flowers are so so cool. Love the colors. Spring is around the corner.

    Love ya

  2. Hey Carol!! Thanks! The ‘lot going on’ is building and building…Dave may be getting off his knees (Flooring guy!) sooner than we thought heehehe

    Love ya back!!

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