I was offered an interview at the end of last year and sent all the info and pics. I received in my email today that my interview was published!! How exciting!! It is in Spanish, but they posted the original in English as well! That is just so cool! The link is:   http://beads-perles.blogspot.com/

I found out yesterday that the classes I am teaching in Sterling, MA are up on the ‘Bead Fiesta The Shoppe‘ website!! Woohooo I am super excited to try my hand teaching at a shop out of state!! I plan on being a ‘regular’ there.  I laughed when I saw she used the word ‘renowned’ and my name all in one sentence!! They are such fabulous people! Love ’em to death!!

Tomorrow I have my little local show in Dayton at Gardens of Atlantis! I hope to see some of you there! This will be my first show with our new car, so that will be fun because there is tons more room in this vehicle! I am super anxious to go to Danbury!! We bought my Mom’s loaded Subaru Forester [heated seats even!!] when our car blew a rod a few weeks ago. What a big difference in size from a Toyota Tercel to that!! We can fit our kitchen sink in it even!! LOL Dave brought home a Canadian Glider [gift from where he was working–used but in great condition] yesterday and he didn’t have to tie it to the roof or anything…we won’t look like rednecks anymore!! That in itself is super exciting! LOL

So I am making some cute ‘n quick earrings for the show.  Delica peyote earring tubes with a crystal on top and bottom then put on a headpin. Very simply cute! I have a twist pattern in 2 colors for them. I am thinking they might be cute ‘Jumpstarts’ for Bead Fiesta shows! Great way to learn tubular peyote! I will post a pic later. I have one pair done, but want to make a bunch today.

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Hope everyone has a fab weekend!!


3 thoughts on “Excited!!

  1. You look so very young in that picture… certainly not 40-something… Congrats on the new car… the new gig @ Bead Fiesta…

    Love, Deb

  2. Thanks kiddos!! I was 40-something in that pic. It is 1 1/2 years ago and now 46 hehe The car is awesome!! Loaded!! Everything but windshield wipers on the headlights LOL

    HUGS to both of ya!

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