Khepri Cuff

YAY! All done! Gotta love it when you finish something! I really have to go back to the store where I got this scarab (I have 5 others, but call me greedy!) and get the rest of them! Wait and see what I am doing with the 3 cobalt/royal blue ones I have!!   *EG*  Anyway, still working on the photography, I think til I die or have an SLR and an  set up! Anywhooo…enjoy! off to design patterns now…ewww (rather be beading!)


For more photos/details go to my Etsy…still need to put this on my website.


4 thoughts on “Khepri Cuff

  1. hahaha it truly depends on what it is as to how it gets named. I thought about ‘Tempting Topaz’ but that is just SOOOOO boring. This is what the name means: “Scarabs are associated with the Egyptian god, Khepri. Khepri pushed the sun across the sky. The scarab beetle became an ancient Egyptian symbol for rebirth, the ability to be reborn, hence the sun disappeared, always to rise again and be reborn the following day.”

    So I thought this name was perfectly appropriate for this piece 😉

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