That’s About Right

I guess I was doubled up in Treasuries after all. I just went to my other email and found out I had another Treasury, but it has expired now that I read it.  I believe Nahimana was in it, so you were right Carol. Now I don’t have a screen shot to put on my blog.  😦  I was having such a great Monday too, that would have just sent me into la-la land LOL I think I will get some new photos and add some new work on my Etsy today. I have to design 2 new patterns this week and assemble 3 kits. I have my first Bead Fiesta of the year on Sunday in Danbury, CT!! YAY!! Bev has great plans of making sure I get some publication going this year, so I can’t wait to see her!

I have another luscious cuff almost done. I am putting the rope edging on it now. Think topaz and gold and scarab.  Dave loves it, but was unable to come up with a name I liked for it, so hopefully I can conjure up something for the pic of it later.

My friends at the Kingston Renaissance Faire have just made up their ‘flyer’. Although I am unable to do their show this year, I wanted to at least post it on here. They changed the date from October to May and it happens to fall on my Bead Fiesta weekend here in South Portland. This will be my 3rd South Portland show, so I wasn’t going to give that up.  I hope they do 2 weekends next year, then I can do at least one weekend.  Fun Faire!!



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