Mystery Solved!!

Thank you my friends for finding this and finding that it had a screen shot while it was online! Here is the other mystery treasury I was in.  I am so excited!! If anyone sees my work in others, let me know. I am going to make a concerted effort to go through treasuries with my coffee in the am.  I had a nice sale yesterday and you know, it just does NOT get old!! I get just as excited at every sale as if it was my first one! The sale was from my show on Saturday. Here is some hope for those of you who get frustrated when you have a show with no sales. If you hand out even just ONE business card, that could be a sale right there.  So always hold out hope and faith that they may indeed end up in some good hands.  Here is the screen shot of the other Treasury.


Thank you Crazed Magpie Jewelry

I think I am going to also have to join SATeam on Etsy.  I have been on that forum like forever, even though I don’t participate that much anymore. They are a fab bunch of artists!! See their blog here:


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