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For sale here:


Or here:


godiva-bracelet-pattern-cover-4-webFor sale here:


Or here:


I am still debating this issue as well. I have been thinking about finding someone who would be willing to work up my designs. I want to make sure they are clear for the purchaser. I can’t provide anything but a free pattern, to which I am thinking about having a signed ‘contract’ stating that you will not give it out or photocopy it or use it in any way.  If I were to do this, I would also post the pic of the finished piece(s) on my website and credit for the work done to whoever I do this with.  It is still just a thought though, but if anyone is willing, I would have to be putting trust out and that can be scary LOL I am sure anyone of you can understand that! If you are interested though, drop me an email: christina@goodquillhunting.com  Subject: Pattern Tester I will keep your name on file in the event that I end up doing this. You would be have to be willing to sign my contract and also be willing to test the pattern in a fair and reasonable amount of time (within a couple weeks)


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