PERFECT Day!–Almost


The car was all loaded up on Saturday evening, so all we had to do was get up, bathe and go, yesterday morning to Danbury. After my bath, I remembered the table lifts were in the Toyota, so Dave goes out to get them. He found them…but only 3! He looked across our living room and lo and behold there was the fourth one! YAY!! I was thinking that was wayyyyy too easy! Our usual day consists only of finding 3! Buy another set on the way there. …but not today. Phew! The day continues the be that way, setting up our table and everything. This is way too nice to have everything going so smoothly! The doors open at 10AM and the people pour in to the show. I even ended up with 2 tables too and wasn’t I beyond happy!!!!!! That was totally not expected! The show turned out to be quite amazing! I made sales of jewelry and kits/patterns and I was so excited I could barely see straight.  I had 3 students for one of my classes and that was super fun! My Godiva bracelet was a hit and I am so happy! I took 3 models and ended up selling 2 of them before class even started! So, I guess I will be making some more of those pdq LOL  I had also decided I would sell C-Lon Thread and that went over very well!! So I will be buying even more of that!

The icing on the cake at the show was being able to see Bev, Shirley and Sandy! Bev took some of my finished pieces and some kits/patterns to her shop at Bead Fiesta The Shoppe in Sterling MA! I also have classes there this Sunday!! I need at least 3 sign ups to make it worth the if you are around…sign up!! Let’s have some fun!!

I also ran into Laura of Torch Songs Glass Works!! She is really cool and had a table in the same area as I did, so we got to chit chat before the show! Her work is soooo awesome!! Check it out!!

The bad news though is that I was so busy I didn’t even get to buy a darn thing this time! What a bummer!! Now I have to wait for a month until the Warwick, RI  show. Oh well..I will just have to use what I have already LOL

Now after this long long day ( getting up at 2:30AM,/leaving at 3:30AM), we finally get the car loaded after the show and Dave had the car warming up for us. He shut the doors of the car and went in to say goodbye to everyone.  We get back to the car and someone hit their door look for their car…and locked us OUT of our own car.  STUPID power locks!! He finally finagled our way back in to the car so we could go home, but not without a silent angry panic going on! LOL Thank God for Dave! he is THE man!

Zippy was sooo happy to see us when we got home! We were beyond exhausted and I tried to keep conversation going in the car to keep our eyes from crossing. That was so hard to do cause it was silly small talk at best. I took Zippy to the bathroom, she had been alone all day at home and I had laid out puppy training pads on the floor in case she couldn’t hold it. We hid things so she wouldn’t chew anything. She tends to like Dave’s shoes and baseball caps! LOL Nothing was to be found or mangled when we walked in! What a great dog!! I jumped on the comp to process credit cards before bed and Dave took Zippy back out to finish her duty. He came in with her moments later and she ran and sat by me at the desk. He said look at her!!!!! He was a bit frustrated when he said it! I looked and she had round sticky brambly bush things stuck in her fur..I said oh geesh..he said NO SMELL!!! OMG!!!!! The stickers in her fur were because she stuck her head in the bushes and got sprayed by a skunk!!!! JUST when we were so tired and heading for bed!! NO love for her before bed!!! We threw her in the tub, Dave told me to get the new cans of tomato sauce in the kitchen. I did and the house stunk sooooooooo bad!!! Needless to say after her long day with out her mommy and daddy, she did NOT get to get on the bed and get any love like usual before we shut off the light! I felt so bad!! So, my new theory is: No such thing as the ultimate perfect day! LOLOL  The smell is faint in the house now, but I am sure if I had company they would detect it when they walk in! I’m probably used to it now LOL

On other notes: I was featured in another Treasury!! So excited!! Thank you Crazed Magpie Jewelry!!

treasury-7 I also found one the other day she put up:


Beyond awesome!!!

Thank you so much all my customers/students yesterday!! Hope to see some of you in Warwick and/or when we come back to Danbury on August 2nd!!


4 thoughts on “PERFECT Day!–Almost

  1. LOL Thanks Carol! It sure feels like my hard work is paying off and leading me to even more hard work 😉

    Yeah Zippy was a bad girl for sure! Dave thinks she thought it was one of the cats cause we have 3 black and white cats LOL

  2. I have never heard of that bead shop, nor had I even heard of Sterling MA. Looks like a bit of a hike for me. Do they sell any seed beads, particularly size 15s by chance?

  3. The bead shop just opened at the end of last year, that may be why you haven’t heard of it. Yes, they have seed beads and yes 15’s. To make certain call first, but Sandy is Bev’s sister and she does that ‘part’ of the shop and she also has tables at the Bead Fiesta’s and she carries 15’s there.

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