Vintage Cabochon Earrings

2 new pairs of earrings. The photos did not do justice to these at all.  Oh well… LOL



The amethyst pair got the luxury of having my sterling bugle beads on them. A friend of Dave’s, actually a co-worker, gave them to me. His Father-In-Law died some time back and he ‘inherited’ boxes and boxes (a garage full of banana boxes!) of things he had stored. He used to buy out closing shops and stuff. Well, one of the shops he closed out (at least one that I know of) was a bead shop. I am talked quite a while ago too. Well, Dave’s co-worker, Johnny, had promised me when he found the boxes of beads he would give them to me. Dave came home one day with a medium size tin can with a tad bit of rust on it and fairly weighty and handed it to me…from Johnny! I couldn’t imagine what on earth was in it, but I KNEW it was beads of some sort. For such a size can though, the weight was pretty substantial! I opened it and inside it is bags FULL of sterling silver bugle beads and silver plated barrel closures and gold plated bugles and WOW!! I was so excited to have this! This was just a ‘small thing that had been kicking around his house from his Father-In-Law! He hasn’t even been out in the garage to sort through the WALLS of banana boxes! I have told Dave several times that I would PAY him to go through the boxes LOL It has been several years since I got that promise, so don’t think a day barely goes by without wondering what is in there waiting for me!! Perhaps I should take a pic of the goodies in the tin can for you! The bugles I used are like super fine. They aren’t the thicker bulky Czech glass ones. There are gorgeous precision!


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