Weekend Stuff

Ok…5 days to work on my tutorials and kits ahhh! I lied too, I just HAD to bead up a piece this weekend! My new design!!




I think I will take different pics for my Etsy though (now that I post these LOL)

This weekend proved to be interesting and busy! Saturday Dave worked for a little while then came home and looked like this in no time flat!

Saturday Crash Monkeys


I also made it into another Treasury!! YAY!! Thank you Linda (aka Crazed Magpie)


Then Sunday, I went to visit my Grandparents. My Grandfather is dying and it may be the last time I was going to see him. He is 90 and sick! He was a Game Warden in Central Maine for many years, then was hired as the Supervisor for Baxter State Park on Mt Katahdin. He then went to retire from the IRS. In and amongst all those years he was also a Registered Maine Guide and a very avid fly fisherman and tied flies from his youth to the present. He used to build the most incredible canoes!! I was in a corner store one day and was leaving and saw a copy of  ‘The Maine Sportsman’ and I had to take a double take cause my Grandfather was on the cover!!! He was 82, I believe, at the time and I am thinking he had a canoe on his shoulders!! I bought a copy, but have moved way too many times, and regretfully, I don’t have it anymore! He has been quite a pillar in his community and also has belonged to the Masons forever. Last November, he got 4 more military awards, very belated! He is a WW II Vet. It is hard to see an incredible man aging!! It was great to see my Grandparents though! I sure wish they lived closer!!!!!! They are a 6 hour drive one way, so we drove for 12 hours yesterday to visit for a mere 3 hours. Dave took a pic of me with them, wish I could cut out the ‘me’ part, but Dave blew a gasket!


Have a great Monday everyone and call your Grandparents!! Time goes way too fast!!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Stuff

  1. O, whats the matter with you! You are going to cherish this photo for years to come and pass it on to your kids. Silly!

    The new design is beautiful. Very flashy.

    Dave and the Dog, what a pair. Great pic.

    Nice post Christina. Glad things are going well.
    Love ya, Carol

  2. hahaha yeah I know I will cherish it! But you know… LOL
    Glad you like the new design. They are pretty fun to make too! Next one is in black and red! (Maybe this week 😉 )
    Dave and the dog (zippy) ..that was too good to pass up!
    Off to work on tutorials! i swear, which means I will have cankles by the end of the day sitting in this chair hahahaahahah

  3. HI Deb! I haven’t put it on my Etsy yet. I am going to retake the pics first and have been busy with tutorials today. I will probably do it tomorrow LOL Thanks!! HUG!

  4. The new design is lovely, and take another look at yourself in that pic, you look terrific. See the love in your eyes? I do! I’m so glad you got to visit with your grandparents; they look like very special people. Give Dave and Zippy a poke from me! (Nope, I never could let sleeping dogs lie.) Yeah, I;m silly, I’ve been doing Dutch Spiral and it’s all YOUR FAULT!!!!

    Missing Danbury and you — Cindy

  5. LMAO Cindy!! Ironically, I just finished a tutorial for my Dutch Spiral necklace!!! too funny! Also too funny about sleeping dogs!! OMG!! hahahaahahahah I will send along your pokes, we are missing you too!

    BTW!! I HATE my cowlick!! I have GOT to figure that thing out! and who in the hell named them cowlicks??!! LOL

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