Post Warwick, RI

Thank you Warwick for a great Bead Fiesta this past weekend! I love going to Warwick and I love the Sheraton too! Comfy bed and great pillows!! 😉 I am super happy my kits and patterns are going over so well! You know they are going well when you have repeat customers from the previous year, that seek you out to see what new patterns you have created since! or when they leave the show after the first day, go home and are kicking themselves that they didn’t buy your kits, so had to come back the next day!! All great signs! Thank you ladies!

I had one class this weekend, for Mielikki. She is doing a fab job and I cannot wait til she sends me a photo! We spoke in the class of the great feeling it brings to teach someone how to do something and watch the result of your teaching come to life. LOVE IT!!

I didn’t have time to post a screen shot of a Treasury that I had been in, so here is that pic. It is long gone though now lol Thanks Linda!


I have a couple of new pieces of work to photograph as well. The clock just goes around way too fast! I had these done before the show, but no time to do that! So come back later for some eye candy! Hope you all have a great day! Off to Paint Shop Pro to work work work 😉


2 thoughts on “Post Warwick, RI

  1. Super!! Glad things went so well for you. You are climbing everyday!! Deb made my daughter your Ice Bracelet for her birthday in Aquamarine. OMG!! It is so amazingly beautiful. Anybody that reads this should check out the pattern. Looks easy and the results look like a million bucks!!! She’s gonna LOVE it!

  2. Thanks Carol! The bracelet is pretty easy! I agree, the results though are OMG sparkle heaven! LOL Glad you like it! 😉
    Things are definitely snowballing! Better this year than last and better last year than the year before that. Up, up and away LOL I am thrilled!

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