Call me a quitter and tell me quitters never win…but I quit.  I have been encouraged by many this year and last to submit work/tutorials  to magazines for publication. I was just rejected for my ‘Ice Bracelet’ being in Beadwork magazine.  My ‘Dragonheart’ piece was rejected in the Bead Dreams contest last year and I had to fight for my ‘Royalty’ piece to get published in the Premier issue of Bead Trends.  I wash my hands of magazines! I have looked through some lately and it seems the nicest piece is usually on the cover and the photos sent in are usually gorgeous, but I have found the lack of ‘good stuff’ on the inside is amazing! Random at best! Not only that, but I am not impressed by the tutorials given either! I bust my butt trying to make my tutorials clear and understanding, in text AND images, to accomodate different learning styles. Most often, the magazines do not accomodate my learning style anyway. So that concludes my ‘goal’ for this year, or any coming years, to get myself published! I have plenty of people loving my patterns and kits at the shows I do and I have customers online,that are now purchasing my designs. That is good enough for me and makes me fully content.  Bead on friends!!! I am almost done a new tutorial for my next show!! I will post the images later! Have a happy, warm and safe day!! HUGS!


8 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Well Christina. Sorry to hear about the rejection. God knows I have always been one of your friends that has pushed for your national magazine recognition. That being said, I am realizing more and more, as newspapers are also, people spend way more time on the internet than with their face in any mag. I couldn’t agree more with you on the quality of the projects in most magazines. Deb and I browse through the lastest editions together, commenting on what we like or don’t. I must say, who ever picks what will be published could certainly do a better job. Maybe others are like you and just getting discouraged submitting!

    Too bad Ice was not accepted. I have not seen the pattern, but the completed project is absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to see Lauries face when she opens the one Deb sent for her birthday. I’ll be sure to post a pic on my blog.

    So, cheer up friend. Their loss is certainly subscribers loss also.

    Have a wonderful day, and foe get abowd it!!!!

  2. Aw, I’m sorry your tutorials didn’t get accepted. You do such lovely work. I agree the projects seem a little random, and confined to what they can print on one or two pages. Thank goodness for the web!

  3. Hey friends! It’s all good. Not bummed..more irked. I don’t really care anyway, less chances of my work being swiped this way LOL I have enough problems with that in my own backyard hahahaha I agree…a shame..oh well… 😉
    Almost done my new tute..yay! If my Mom hadn’t messaged me all morning I would be done LOL

  4. Christina, Your tutorials are great… sorry that they are not seeing that…. Your fame lies in a different direction….

    Oh and I have the premier issue of Bead Trends waiting for you to autograph it when we finally meet and we will….

    Love, Deb

  5. Thanks Deb! Fame– a beautiful word..I remain hopeful! I can’t wait to ‘autograph’ your book…I didn’t know you had it! They actually took a fairly crummy pic for that too!! I have to redo mine, now that I have figured stuff out on my camera! hehe

  6. am so sorry! i have to admit that i’m so bad at taking rejection that I haven’t even tired to get published 🙂 so good for you for trying… and I do agree with you regarding the quality of the projects, yes the cover always looks amazing and as soon as you open it up it’s the same ol’ ol’ in a slight variation + for the life of me find it almost impossible to follow the instructions they give, wouldn’t it be nice if they accompanied them with some simple diagrams to follow 🙂

  7. Well… you know how I feel about all that… politics is everywhere, is it not? Oh well… no matter… I happen to own what is clearly, in my opinion, your finest work… and quite possibly the finest piece of bead embroidery I have ever seen anywhere. Don’t worry about ragazines that don’t appreciate true talent!!! Your path is along the high road… don’t look down!!!

  8. Hey, I had articles published when the magazines were just starting up, but now it is mostly previous editors and people who repeat others ideas or are friend of editors or excerpts from new books coming out and published by the mags. Please get your own book published or ignore the major mags and go to the general craft publications or art mags.

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