I take this oath, when I come back from my Sturbridge show this coming weekend, that I will start taking pics of my kits so I can post them online!!! I have about a dozen kits assembled this morning for my last pattern, Mum’s The Word.  Thankfully, I had a good rivoli order last year sometime! As soon as those sell, I shall have to buy more! Tons more! a bathtub full! I can see me ‘floating’ in a tub of rivolis!! Yea, I am a Dreamer!

I received a ‘pingback’ on here from here:

and now they will receive one, because she[they] uses wordpress too LOL Thank you Connie Welch for the link!  You just NEVER know who checks out your blog…I love it!!! Now I wanna know who else reads my blog!  😉 If anyone that is on my ‘Inspiration’ list left me a commet, I would about fall out of my chair [although that is not entirely difficult, because these floors of our 150+ year old home are VERY crooked and I lean forward to be on my comp]! *big grin*


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