Time To Design??

OMG!! I was/am making a piece to weigh out the beads for the kit, as stated in previous post. I am all done, but was dreaming of embellishments on this piece for a new design as I was making it….I have time for this?? Ummm …noooo Can I help myself?? Nooo 😉  Still in somewhat thinking stage, but what I tried so far…I LOVE!! LOL  OK, I have 10 kits to make for this piece, going to do it now. I have all the beads all lined out, turned scale on and someone called me on Skype..go figure the timing!! It was my Mom and I am happy to say she is coming home for a while from Brussels, Belgium!! She will be in at 6PM tomorrow evening, holy last minute!! I ironically will be in town at that very time getting beads at Caravan (my usual last minute ritual–night before a show LOL) She said she is craving Mexican food, so I may very well end up at South of the Border for sups with my Mom..YAY! My Stepdad has to get back by April 11th, but Mom is staying for a little while, specially while my Grandfather is on his last leg. So she may be staying long enough for that sad event.

I have sooo many pics to take when I get back from Sturbridge of my kits! I am hoping I sell ALL of them, so I won’t have to take any pics.. LMAO Deb!! hahaha

If any of my readers come to Sturbridge Bead Fiesta, stop by my table and say hi to me and/or Dave! Dave will be the only one at the table Saturday all day, so no one will see me much that day cause of the Bead Embroidery workshop. Hoping to have a pic or 2 tomorrow on here for ya!


3 thoughts on “Time To Design??

  1. Let me know if you have any left…. and send some of that Maine Lobster over here… I moved this weekend… will post in-process pics sometime LOL !!! I love my little house… : )

    Glad that your mama is coming and that her visit will be for awhile… Does she stay with you? Mine is coming in June for Melissa’s Jr High graduation… and hopefully Michael’s 1 year early graduation… My dad might come from S. Carolina too… will be very tight in our little house… : )

    Love, Deb

  2. Congrats on the move!! YAY!! That is just so awesome for you!!

    My Mom has her own home she closes up when she is gone away, so she just calls her plumber to go and turn heat on and restart the water in the pipes and heating system…pain in the butt every time, coming or going LOL But yeah, she will be home for a bit, maybe couple months, if that, not positive yet. She wouldn’t want to stay with me anyway, my house is not neat like hers..below her standards LOL (keeps family away lmao)

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