Lots To Tell!

Despite the fact that it is now Spring, business continues to snowball! LOL  Just back from my 3rd anniversary of the Bead Fiesta Sturbridge show, I had the most awesome time!! I saw a few vendors that I haven’t seen in a while and that just added to the fun-ness of the whole weekend! We had a minor enormous headache Sunday afternoon of misplacing some very important items, but everything was found and all the vendors nearly cheered when they found out we found what we had misplaced! The relief was GINORMOUS!! Thank you to all my vendor buddies who helped us look!!

As years progress with Bead Fiesta, so do my regular and faithful customers!!! You all know who you are and I appreciate new and old customers alike and want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!! I am so happy to be a source of inspiration to so many!! I would never have thought that I would be inspiration to anyone, I am usually the one inspired by so many others! Nice to give some back! 😉

To have previous customers travel all the way from Vermont (2 1/2 hour trip!) just to buy my work in any form is a form of flattery I cannot begin to express *waves hi to Linda J!!*! Throughout my weekend, I also learned of others coming to the show ‘just to see me’ and I was flabbergasted and so honored! *waves hi to all my new Pow Wow friends–Wind In Trees, Autumn Winds, et al. * They are the ladies that invited me to vend at their Pow Wow’s this year in Charlemont, MA!!  (So excited!!!!!!!)

With this trip comes MUCH more work!! I have 2 custom orders, one wedding and one for Wind In Trees. I have an exorbitant amount of kits to replenish!! HOLY MOLY!! I have a few pieces of gorgeous fused glass to make a cuff with for Laura of TorchSongs GlassWorks. I still have to see about getting Bev‘s lampwork bead done up for the Fire Mountain Gems contest for this year hahaha Clock is ticking way too fast…as usual!!

We took a few photos of vendors, but Dave took them and didn’t get all the ones I wanted! He was a bit off kilter this weekend, but here are the few I did manage to get!

This is Ian, we didn’t manage to get his biz card in time, so I cannot show you his website or anything..dang it!

He sells jewelry displays and boxes and those sorts of supplies.


This is Laura from TorchSongs GlassWorks.


This is Nancy Ness and her Sister and her Sister’s  Husband.  Sandy, who is back to, is the one who creates gorgeous lampwork beads. I swiped on of her beads to work up too LOL I am also sharing a table at The Cape Cod Bead Show with them this summer!! Yipppeeee!


The Bead’s Nest

We took Zippy with us and she was the most perfect and well behaved dog you have ever seen! We were allowed to bring her in to the show in the afternoon and she quickly became Lil Miss Mascot for Bead Fiesta LOL  Laura even gave her some special treats, so that went over real well! LOL

I had a lot more pics I wanted Dave to take of our friends at the show, but alas, we shall have to wait til the next one! My next Bead Fiesta show is right here in South Portland, Maine!! No hotel costs!! woot woot!

I was only able to buy one thing this weekend, simply cause of lack of time. I bought a little bag of assorted lampwork beads from pj Beads. They are adorable!! It was also great to see Pat and Ray!! Great people and I haven’t seen them in a while! She is also a Bead Star!! Check it out!    http://www.pjbeads.com/beadstar.html

Ok, I have tons and tons to do!I have April off, except for one class at Beads On The Kennebec and I have 5 shows in the 5 weekends of May!! 2 local one day shows, 2 Pow Wow’s and 1 Bead Fiesta!!

To Do List–

  1. Replenish kit/patterns–photograph them for Etsy to sell
  2. Make 2 custom orders
  3. Make one Fire Mountain Contest piece
  4. Make a HUGE batch of my quill earrings for the upcoming Pow Wow’s
  5. Squeeze in taxes…hmm
  6. Work on some displays as soon as weather warms a bit
  7. Retake pics of jewelry for Etsy
  8. See about a hot tip I got about possibly teaching in Vermont!!
  9. Work on my website
  10. Make as much jewelry as I can in month of April
  11. Make my bug for The Beadin’ Path challenge!!

I had a student finish her piece from the Warwick class. As promised, I told her I would post it on my student’s work page! You can check it out here! It came out gorgeous!!


Oh, and one more thing! I was put in a Treasury while I was away!


Thank you Paige!! Her Etsy is here:


Busy busy busy… 😉


One thought on “Lots To Tell!

  1. Someday we will get to do a show together, or maybe just attend one!!! (VEGAS SOUNDS GREAT DOESN’T IT?) I’m so happy that all your hard work is finally paying off… few can know and realize how much of yourself you have poured into this… and KUDOS to Dave for being so supportive!!! You are both totally awesome!!!

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