Helping Out Friends & Family

I took in a Friend of mine this week. She has been going through alot and I can completely understand.   She has nothing and is going to be starting her life over at 37 years old. (been there, done that) I received a phone call from my Mom the other day that my Grandfather MAY live up to 2 more weeks, so I am very grateful that I saw him recently!!  His kidneys are failing quickly because he had refused dialysis, now it is to late to give him the treatment.  Then last night, my Friend got a call  and about her Dad, who has been ill as well, and found out he will probably not make it through the weekend. This puts a huge knot in my throat. Dave took her into Portland today, on his way to work, to be with her parents. He is clinging painfully to life at home so he can see his children and grandchildren one more time and will not go to sleep in case he doesn’t wake up. He is going into hospice today to die, as his family gathers round to let him go and give him their permission.  Many tears have been cried this week for many different reasons.

I have been beading, but really slowly and sporadically. I am going to bead hard this weekend! I have my cuff more than half done, so maybe today, you never know.  I went to Caravan Beads yesterday on a restocking mission and ordered, on the internet, a new bracelet rack for my table…wrought iron!! I can’t wait to get it and toss my ‘jimmy rigged’ display! LOL  So despite what is going on around me, life goes on and you have to make the most of it. I am very sad about my Grandfather, but I also know he is 90 and has had a very wonderful and rich life and is loved by many! I will for sure miss him!! I am so glad my Mom is back in the USA to assist my Grandmother and see her Dad one more time.  For my Mom and my  Friend, I will hold my hands out to them and give them hugs as they need and be grateful that, for now, it is not my turn to have to let go of a Parent.


4 thoughts on “Helping Out Friends & Family

  1. Yes, it is so hard to let go of any loved one..friend, family or pet. I have been thinking too much lately about those I have lost.

    So, on a happier note, bead on sister. What else is there?!? LOL

  2. Sending prayers and loving energy to comfort you and you your mom and to help get you through this sad time. Also very loving of you to open your home to your friend in need.

    Much love, Deb

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your family. Its really hard to deal with losing family members. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this will cheer you up some, I have given you an Proximidade Award and you can come to my blog to pick it up!!

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